Love is patient
Love is kind
Love never leaves someone behind

Love is joy
Love is care
Love flows through people everywhere

Love is hope
Love is trust
Love is God's feeling towards us

Love is strength
Love is sight
Love brings us through the night

Love is peace
Love is fair
Love is light everywhere

(This verse was added:
Love is hurt
Love is pain
Love can be hard to maintain)

Love is good
Love is You
And through the ages your love stands true




Into the world you brought light
In the darkness your light shone bright

Reaching out to those lost in the dark
Into another life embark

Let your light lead the way
Bright through night and day

Gather your children lost and alone
And lead them to your heavenly home

Let my life reflect your love
And your peace from above

Let my life be like a looking glass
To show your love, strong and steadfast

When people look at my life
Let them see
Your love radiating from me

Let me love in all I do
And when someone sees me
they see your love too

- by Lydia (aged 11)